Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dear family,

I am alive. Today is P-day, because yesterday was Pasquetta (day after Easter), which means everything was shut down, which MEANS...yesterday was Deep Cleaning Day. So, we cleaned...and cleaned...and cleaned... :)

It felt good to do some Spring Cleaning. It was liberating to get rid of things that I don't need anymore. Since I have three weeks left, it was a good opportunity to get some things organized. Hopefully that will make packing a little easier.

Last week, for Pday....was awesome. There is a church here in Rome which is actually a Capuchin museum now. Capuchins were the hooded priests. Anyway...it is pretty dang cool. It is nicknamed the Bone church, because there is a sanctuary, where everything is made out of human bones. Even the lamp holders were bones. The story is that there was a guy who was basically in hiding at this church, and he got permission to make artwork out of the bones that were priests and poor people. Crazy, huh? It basically looks like a scene from one of those forensic criminal shows. It's pretty graphic, but one of the coolest things I've seen.

For Easter, we had lunch with an American family. On the mission, to be invited over by an American family is one of THE best things. It was pretty traditional, with ham and potatoes. Then, we went over and had dinner with a Romanian family. Lots of pasta, lamb, and other meats. All the food I had for Easter was really good.

There was a stake missionary activity this week for the youth. We went out on Saturday morning, with some of the young women, and did some finding, and door to door. I was with Sorella Zio, one of the sisters in my apartment, and three of the 17 year old young women. One man opened his door, and we asked if we could share an Easter message, and HE SAID YES!!! It was so great. The girls were so excited that we were let in, and that they were able to share their testimonies. The girls thought it was really cool that the only reason we were able to go in, was because they were there (We can't go into an apartment by ourselves with a single man). They felt really important. Then we did a lesson at the church with an investigator. After, the girls said they all wanted to serve missions, and that they had a lot of fun. It was really cool to be able to be an example and a role model for the young women. One of the girls that came with us doesn't have sisters in her ward (she's living in the Napoli area), so she has never gone out with the sisters. This was really an awesome thing.

I also did an exchange this week with the sisters in Ladispoli!! I was able to see the ocean! That's one of the downsides of Rome...No ocean! It was cool because the sand was black. Anyway, the exchange was good.

As far as Lizbeth and Michael, they are still on track to get baptized, but it will probably be May 4th, because Lizbeth has work now. I love how when people start doing the right thing, they get blessed, but at the same time, it was a lot easier when we could just go over to their house whenever we wanted. Ah well, it will all work out. :)

Sorella Worsham

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Reminder From Cosenza

Dear family,

This week was a good one, also still hard with the shoulder.

To those who are wondering, I have a shoulder injury, and I will be coming home from the mission May, 13th to see a shoulder specialist. I know that it is the right thing to do, and I feel a lot of peace with this decision. Anyway, on with the work!

Last week, we received a call from the relief society president, saying there was a woman in the hospital who was a member she didn't know. I asked some more information about this woman, and then about half way through the conversation, I thought, "Wait a minute...I think I know this person!" I asked if she was from Cosenza, and the relief society president said yes. AH! I was so excited! We were able to visit Eleonora from Cosenza! I was really happy because she was like a mom to us when we were in Cosenza. It was really great. :) She told me that she still had things that I made for her out of paper in the geneology office. It made me really happy to see someone from Cosenza here. Sometimes I really miss that place.

Other news, Lizbeth was talking to us about how she might be getting a job. She told us that if she gets the job, she will be working Saturdays, and wouldn't be able to get baptized. She told us that she really wants to be baptized, but she needs this job also. Lizbeth said that over time, when she would be trusted at this work, she would ask for a Saturday off to be baptized. I was kind of sad when she was talking about this. I was just praying really hard for help with this situation. Then I said, "Wait, what about a Sunday? How do you feel about getting baptized on a Sunday?" Then she said, "Wait, I can do that? I thought baptisms only happened on Saturdays!" Then we explained how they can actually happen any day of the week, it's just that Saturday is usually the most convenient. So, she will still be baptized if she gets this job...just on aSunday. :)

We have a new bishop in our ward now in Rome 1. The old one got released because he and his wife and two little kids will be moving to Provo in a few months. I am actually really excited for them to come, because it means there will always be a family for me to practice italian with. :) Or at least to learn a few more italian dishes. They are a great family. Also the new bishop is great too. We had a meeting with him about missionary work, and he seems really on board.

That's about all I think... :)

I love you all! Have a great week!!

Sorella Worsham

Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Transfer

Dear Family,

this week was transfers, and it was crazy. I was really glad I wasn't being transferred, JUST because of how crazy it was. I felt pretty unhelpful, because of my shoulder...but I definitely cheered others on as they carried heavy suitcases. :)

My new companion is Sorella Fairbanks. It is fun having a new companion, and as always is interesting getting used to a new person.

This week was general conference. My oh my, how great that was! I absolutely loved it. I think my favorite talks were by Dallin H. Oaks in the priesthood session, Uchtdorf's gratitude talk, and Bednar's talk about loads. I took a lot of great things from conference, and I'm grateful for the counsel that I received. We didn't get to hear the sunday afternoon session because of the time difference in Italy. I'm sure it was really good thought too.

Last week on Monday, we went to a lookout place where you can see all of Rome. It was a cool thing to see the area that I am serving in from a different perspective.

Hey! Lizbeth came to conference! She brought Francesca (two year old) to women's conference, and it was awesome. Things are moving along nicely with them. She and Michael are getting baptized in a few weeks, so we have to make sure that they are ready. Crunch time!

Anyway, this week wasn't super exciting. Mostly just the crazy stuff that goes along with transfers, and like having companions pack, then new companions unpack, and all sorts of puzzling to make sure no one is left alone without a companion.

Keep on keeping on!


Sorella Worsham

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello From Rome!

Dear Family,

Transfer calls came! I am staying in Rome, which means I will get to see Lizbeth and Michael get baptized. :D

Sorella Smithson is getting transferred, and I am getting a new companion, Sorella Fairbanks! I've done a few exchanges with her before, so I know that she is great.

My shoulder is still having some problems. Here's hoping for the best!

This week I did an exchange with the Rome 2 sisters. It was hard, but cool because we got to do some finding by the Rome temple that they are constructing. The Spirit is really strong near there. I got off the bus, and felt an overwhelming good feeling, and I told the sister that I was with that, and she said, "That's because the temple is right around the corner. Then I saw it, and was just filled with awe. It is beautiful, and just so exciting that the people of Italy are getting a temple. :)

On Saturday, we were invited over to Lizbeth and Michael's house for dinner. They invited a bunch of their friends in the ward (They are getting intergrated so nicely! They really are a part of this ward already). We ate some peruvian food (Arroz con pollo, and cerviche), and it was sooo good. It was really cool because it was like a family home evening. Michael conducted the night, and I was just thinking about how he is going to make a great priesthood leader soon. Michael gave a testimony, and told us how grateful he was to us that we found his family. Then, it went into a testimony meeting. It was so great. The Spirit was really strong, and Michael told everyone that he wants to be baptized with Lizbeth, on the same day. This was really significant, because for awhile, he told us he wanted to be baptized, but sometime after Lizbeth. Now he's officially decided and told everyone he wants to be baptized the same day as Lizbeth! I am so excited. April 26th. Can't come soon enough. :)

Then yesterday, we were invited over to the Silva's house, for Sharon's birthday. It was an awesome Filipino party, with lot's of food. There was even a roasted pig head! Also, there was karaoke, and it was one of the most hilarious things ever.

Anyway... I am really excited for general conference this weekend. :) Woot woot!


Sorella Worsham

Monday, March 24, 2014

Things Slightly Less Downhill

Hey! I have officially been on my mission for over a year now. It was funny thinking about my first day in the MTC, and all the things that have happened since then, and all the amazing people I have met in this year. This mission really has been such a growing experience, and I am really greatful that I have been able to have it, even though at times it's been hard.

Hey, remember how Lizbeth has a baptism date for April 26? Now her husband Michael has a baptism date for the same day!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!


This week we had a really interesting conference with Elder Patrick Kearon. He is over the Europe area. A TON of missionaries were there. I think over half of the missionaries in the mission came. Afterward, Sorella Smithson and I were waiting to talk to the mission nurse, and he came up to us and started talking. He was really funny, and we joked about how he thinks Sorella Smithson pushed me down the hill. :)  

We found a less active woman this week! She lives in a building that used to be a school, and now is converted into housing for people who need it. It was really cool to see how great she and her daughter are. It was a really humbling experience.

I have been having a hard time lately with my shoulder, and getting around places. I realized that the times when I feel the happiest is when I am teaching. For example, when I am teaching Lizbeth and Michael, everything bad doesn't matter anymore, because I know that this is what they need to hear. I have been blessed. :)

I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all! :)

Monday, March 17, 2014


Dear family, (I won't be able to write as much this week, and you'll know why as you read)

The beginning of this week was good. :)

Then it sort of went down hill. Literally, on Friday, I actually kind of traumatically fell down a cement/gravel hill near our house. I was running down the hill to catch a bus, when I saw it go the other way, so I knew that I still had time to catch it. I stopped, but unfortunately fell forward and made full body contact with the ground. Both my hands are really scraped up (they're both wrapped right now...which is why I won't be able to write as much as normal). Also my right leg is pretty scraped, I have a big heart shaped bruise on my side, and my ribs and back hurt pretty badly. These last few days have been really painful and hard.

Have any of you heard of Padre Pio? If not, you should look him up. It's an interesting story. Anyway, all the ward members have been joking that I look like Padre Pio because both of my hands are bandaged. :)

Right now I kind of feel like a cross between Padre Pio and Edward Scissorhands. If any of you want to send inspiring quotes right now, that would be appreciated.

On the plus side, Lizbeth wants to be baptized and she chose the date of April 26th. :)

Thanks everybody!


Sorella Worsham

Monday, March 10, 2014

Home Sweet Rome

Dearest family,

This week went pretty well.  

This week we had the most beautiful lesson with Lizbeth and Michael. We were all crying as we all bore our testimonies about Joseph Smith, and this church. The Spirit was really strong, and we taught them about the Spirit in that moment. It was very powerful. Then, last night, we committed them to pray about baptism for the 29th of April. This family is just the best. They both mentioned again how they want their 4 year old son to go on a mission. Sigh. Also, Lizbeth gave us two referrals. I just love them so much. Their faith has just grown so much since we met them. The Book of Mormon and church and prayer is just the best. :)
(Also, another cool thing about them is they make us Peruvian food sometimes. It is a really nice break from eating Pasta all the time.)

This week the goal for our zone was to find new investigators. We talked to so many people this week. I even ended up teaching a very abridged version of the Restoration to a man on the metro. We are going to meet him this week to give him an English Book of Mormon.

We had a crazy family home evening with a family in our ward, and and english course student who is their cousin. The plan was to watch the Restoration film. Let's just say...just about everything went wrong. Hahaha. It was almost comical. I just always say that a mission teaches people to be flexible and resilient.

You know, it is interesting, because my whole mission I was kind of scared and intimidated by Rome. It is such a big city. At first when I came to Rome, it was hard because it was nothing like the other cities I have served in, and it was hard to figure everything out (especially my way around the city, and the public transportation). I was thinking about it today, and I really have grown to love it. I really am happy here. :)  


Sorella Worsham